Frequently Asked Questions

Can we use outside Vendors?

Yes! While Saddle Creek provides a list of preferred vendors, you are able to select the vendors that best fit your wedding vision. Each vendor must be approved.

Is security required and what is the cost?

Security is required for every event starting one half hour prior to event start time and ending once all guests have left the property. The cost is $50 per hour

What are the rules about alcohol at our wedding?

You provide of the alcohol for your wedding. All alcoholic beverages must be served by a 3rd party TABC certified vendor. Only alcoholic beverages provided by the Host may be consumed on property and BYOB by guests is strictly prohibited. Bartender recommendations are available upon request

What is the cost of Bartenders?

Saddle Creek Weddings provides options for TABC certified liquor service vendors. Prices may vary by vendor

Is there any charge for you using outside vendors?

Saddle Creek Weddings has no fee for you above what the vendors charge for their services

What is the capacity for a ceremony and reception?

We have seating for 250 guests with some standing area for an indoor or outdoor ceremony and seating for up to 280 guests for a reception

What amenities are available for a caterer?

We have a caterer’s food staging room equipped with refrigeration, prep sink, stainless steel work tables and private entrance convenient to delivery drive

What kind of tables and chairs does Saddle Creek Weddings provide?

66″ round tables, 8 foot farm tables for the head table, 8 foot rectangular tables for buffet and Vintage Natural Finish Cross Back Beech Wood Chairs

What size Linens should I get for my reception tables?

132″ table cloths are floor length

How many guests does each table seat?

Each round table seats up to 10 guests

What are the rules for decorations inside the facility?

Generally, nails, screws, staples, liquid adhesives, or any form of tape is not permitted with the exception of Gaff tape for securing audio and electrical cords to the floors. Other conditions can be reviewed with a Saddle Creek Weddings representative