Work. Meetings. Errands. Dinner dates.  The list goes on. If you think juggling your schedule is hectic now, throw in the demands of planning a weddings to round everything out. Shopping for a wedding venue is one of the toughest parts of wedding planning and scheduling those appointments can be even more stressful. But what if you had the opportunity to stop by one of your top wedding venue contenders at your leisure on a weekend with the people that matter most? Sounds nice, right? Enter Bubbles in the Barn!

Bubbles in the Barn was created with on-the-go couples in mind. Having an amazing wedding and event venue is great, but it’s not enough. Booking the space for a day you’ve dreamed about is an emotional investment, one that we are all too familiar with which, is why making it easy to tour is so important. With this group tour structure, you, your friends, family and fiance are able to stop by on scheduled days to explore our barn spaces and everything that is included. We also have staff on-site to answer some of your toughest wedding planning questions.

Every week, we’ll post our Bubbles in the Barn availability on our social media pages. Since our event schedule changes from week to week, Instagram, Facebook and Google are the best ways to keep up with our availability. No appointment is ever needed and we welcome any couple wanting more information on Saddle Creek Weddings.

All couples leaves with a packet of information including pricing, preferred vendors and date availability. Our goal with these tours is to provide couples a laid-back, no-commitment touring opportunity that encourages open conversations without the pressure to make a decision.

So come tour Saddle Creek Weddings the modern- day way. We can’t wait to meet you!