In the last few weeks, things at Saddle Creek Weddings have really begun to take shape. From our last construction update, the property is really starting to come together and couples that meet with Monica (our awesome sales associate) are scooping up dates. All the excitement is really getting us inspired about all of the amazing events to come!


  1. The Attractions- Our covered wagon showed up a few weeks ago and talk about amazing! This baby screams rustic charm and for all the right reasons. Built in 1901, this wagon has been through it all and is still in fantastic condition. Over 100 years ago, this wagon was used for family transportation and really stayed in the Southwest region. Every piece, down to the spokes, is original! We have so many unique attractions that will be a part of Saddle Creek Weddings but we certainly are excited about this natural beauty.

  1. It’s All About that Base– Recently, we shared progress photos of our foundation footings. Only after soil tests, calculating the size of the buildings and land clearing were we able to start working on the footings and plumbing for our ceremony barn and reception barn. These important foundation pieces will carry the weight of the building, making it a strong and sturdy structure for years to come.

  1. What’s to Come– With all of the much needed rain, pouring the concrete slab will take place in the coming days. Before we know it, our buildings will go up, our outdoor ceremony arbor will arrive and our antique truck will become another staple attraction on site.

Follow us to see more progress and new Saddle Creek Wedding couples saying “I Do” to the venue.